Monday, 24 June 2013

Repetition repetition repetition!

It has been another long break between posts for me. This is because  I didn't really have anything new to report and things have been a bit busy outside of Judo!

One thing we have been working on the last couple of weeks is getting the entry for throws right.
The way we drilled this was to select one throw at the beginning of the class and use that for all the exercises. I chose Harai-Goshi.
First, we would start at one end of the mat and just do Uchi Komi to the other end of the mat, concentrating on breaking uke's balance, getting your feet in the right position and also making sure that your general posture is correct. There was quite a lot of time spent on this in each class, as that is almost the most important part of the throw.
Next, we would do the same as the first step, but when you get to the other end of the mat, you have to complete the throw.
For the final part, we were split into two groups. One person would have to execute his chosen throw on all the players in his/her group. Luckily, we had the luxury of crash mats for this!

I just found it amazing how much this method helps. By the end of the class we had some light randori and by that time the throw was almost programmed and I executed it quite comfortably.

We are going to be doing some groundwork this week, so I'll report on that next week.

Happy Judo!